It’s Official! The Children of Lir is coming soon

Good morning folks,

This morning I was sent a very exciting email to say that, news of a little project I have been working on the past 6-7 months is going to be announced. When I got a random message back in Septemberish time last year from the lovely Emma Byrne from O’Brien press in Dublin asking if I would be interested in a project she was working on – my curiosity instantly got the better of me and immediately said yes.

I was then sent a beautifully written piece of script based on the old Celtic legend, “The Children of Lir“. Traditionally quite a sad tale, Laura Maher had somehow managed to reword and masterfully rhyme together the sentences to produce a version that I feel has become more child friendly and gentle than the original. Opening it up to the younger age groups.

It was certainly a challenge to work on, but I was almost sad to see it come to an end. It is a tale of yes, a wee bit of sadnesss, but of old magic, castles and kings and the endless determinations of four siblings as they roam in search of a way to break their 300 year curse to live as Swans.

Although not released yet ( COMING VERY SOON ), please do check out our blog on the O’Brien website:

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