*Cover Reveal Day*

So with today being 🌱 World Environment day I thought it the perfect excuse to introduce to you all my debut Author/illustrator book cover “Billy Conker’s Nature Spotting Adventre “ published by @theO’brienpress

🌿 Follow Billy Conker as he travels the globe in search of different environments and some of nature’s most wonderful creatures. It won’t be an easy feat. Some animals will be easier to spot than others and some, the hardest to find are now endangered. So come along and help Billy on his world wide adventures as he locates and identifies the issues facing our planets vast variety of animals🔍

This book has been a compilation of many areas I am a passionate about. Nature, wildlife, climate change and of course another chance to get my pencils and pens out.

I really hope you enjoy the cover as much as I did working on it.

Book release date: This October 2022

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