Nature in Lockdown day#3

Great to hear any conservation story when something comes back from the brink. So to hear that for the first time in 250 years that the White tailed Eagle was spotted over south- west England is a triumph I think. Needless to say there’s always one or two residences that might not take it too well…

“Eagles over England”

Nature in Lockdown

‘Nature in Lockdown’ you cant help but be inspired by all the wonderful scenes of recent where nature is rediscovering the world again without our nosy, smelly everyday presence. The brill idea was suggested to me to illustrate some of the quirky and surreal goings on of nature over the past few weeks and I thought I’d have a go #natureinlockdown #nature #wildlifeinlockdown #lockdown #illustration #doodle #sketchbook #penandink #freedom #picturebookmakersni

“Nature in Lockdown“

CBI conference 2019

Not long back from the wonderful CBI conference of 2019 “Belonging” and what a treat it was to be a among such a warm and welcoming people.

Hosted in the perfectly situated “Light House Theatre” with its very hip and modern style I had the nerve wracking honour to speak as one of New Voices of 2019.

First up on the list, I got to sit alongside of Ireland’s most super talents new artists and Authors – what a treat.

And there we are, the “New Voices class of 2019” all stood smiling nicely together after our talks. I couldn’t believe how talented they all were, I have definitely made some friends for life after this experience not just with my fellow New voices but with a few of those smiley faces up in the audience.

“Ireland’s Eye” Eric Carle Museum Exhibition

Discover Ireland!

The Carle’s new reading library exhibition opened today! Ireland’s Eye: Picture Book Views of Ireland invites guests to explore #Ireland, the myths, legends, landscape and traditions through picture books. Images from 26 artists from, living or inspired by the island.

August 14, 2019 -An exhibition of digital reproductions

While the music and literature of Ireland have reached audiences worldwide, few of the country’s picture book are known beyond its shores. Ireland’s Eye highlights the unending inspiration artists have found on the island nation.

Curated by Elizabeth Goldrick, 2019 Trinkett Clark Intern

Elizabeth is from Dublin, Ireland and received an M. Phil in Children’s Literature at Trinity College Dublin, 2018. Her love of children’s books comes from years of reading books from far and wide at home and in local libraries and later working in an independent Irish children’s bookstore enjoying “matchmaking” readers with new illustrators and titles. She has felt like the VHC on Saturday every day of the internship.

©PeterDonnelly2017 The Presidents Glasses Gill Books

It’s Official! The Children of Lir is coming soon

Good morning folks,

This morning I was sent a very exciting email to say that, news of a little project I have been working on the past 6-7 months is going to be announced. When I got a random message back in Septemberish time last year from the lovely Emma Byrne from O’Brien press in Dublin asking if I would be interested in a project she was working on – my curiosity instantly got the better of me and immediately said yes.

I was then sent a beautifully written piece of script based on the old Celtic legend, “The Children of Lir“. Traditionally quite a sad tale, Laura Maher had somehow managed to reword and masterfully rhyme together the sentences to produce a version that I feel has become more child friendly and gentle than the original. Opening it up to the younger age groups.

It was certainly a challenge to work on, but I was almost sad to see it come to an end. It is a tale of yes, a wee bit of sadnesss, but of old magic, castles and kings and the endless determinations of four siblings as they roam in search of a way to break their 300 year curse to live as Swans.

Although not released yet ( COMING VERY SOON ), please do check out our blog on the O’Brien website: