Forest of Imagination 2018

Just reminiscing over this fantastic little project I had the pleasure of getting involved in back this time last year. Bath’s “Forest of Imagination”, this has become an annual event due to how warmly it has receive by both Baths residence and surrounding creatives.

Forest of Imagination is a Contemporary arts and design event created by Grants Associates, 5x5x5=creativity and local creative industries that reimagines a fimiliar space to inspire everyone’s creativity and heighten a sense of nature in an urban environment.

For this project I was asked to work on a well used walkway space situated next to a multi storey car park and the main road. The walkway lead directly to the beautiful riverbank which runs directly through Bath City centre. The objective was to work with St. John’s Primary (a local school) and co design a mural that would get both the children working on the project and the visitors to the event to think about and celebrate the wonder yet mostly hidden wildlife living in the river.

For me it was definitely a tester, this was the time I had officially been placed in charge of working with a school group in creating a final piece. The children where very engaged and without having to point out too many suggestions were able to tell me about their wildlife neighbours. The goal was to get the, to research and look out for all the different species to finally create a piece of artwork to contribute to the final mural which would have all the images digitally added by myself.

And the doors are open! “Here be Dragons”

What a brilliant day, on Thursday the 12th of July we marked the official Launch of the Royal Historic Palace/Kew Gardens “Here Be dragons” event.

Below you can see a very pleased as punch me, stand next to the wonderful Blue Peter competition winner Florence. It’s was a pleasure to meet all the young competitors and see the wonderful buzz the event had created.

After, Gill (my wonderful agent) made a quick scurry over to the great Pagoda where we couldn’t resist a quick snip and nosey around inside. Proper VIPs for the day.

Standing very proudly is one the the competition winners designs placed on one of the beautifully presented dragon monuments scattered and craftily hiding around the gardens. Can you find them all?

The only real and proper way to find them is to become a member of the B.D.A (British Dragonologists Association) obviously. So a very chuffed me, had to get the badge